VERTIGO Objectives

VERTIGO is based on three technology pillars and addresses the key challenges for high throughput optical links: intrinsic communication chain capability to transmit and receive very high bit rates, high and very high-power generation and mitigation of atmospheric perturbations.

"Objective 1: Throughput increase: while current space optical communications are based on 1bit/symb modulation formats, VERTIGO will implement more spectrally efficient modulation schemes including Radio-over-Fiber approach."
"Objective 2: High optical power generation and management: to close the demanding link budgets, higher power solutions have to be made available. VERTIGO will address different technical options to raise the power of individual optical channels based on optical amplifier output power increase and coherent combining."
"Objective 3: Atmospheric effects mitigation: a key aspect to efficiently benefit of throughput and power increase is the capability to mitigate impairments induced by the propagation through the atmosphere."

High capacity

VERTIGO target is to deliver a 1 Tb/s feeder link that will blend high spectral efficiency, resilience to signal degradation and flexibility. To do so, VERTIGO will provide a complete comparative assessment between: a) analog Vs digital modulation, b) direct Vs coherent detection and c) the available channel multiplexing solutions. VERTIGO will investigate modulation formats that are capable to deliver these requirements including discrete multi-tone modulation, constellation switching and OFDM, whereas it will implement the necessary coding/interleaving algorithms required for reliable signal modulation and demodulation.  

High power

VERTIGO will demonstrate optical power scaling on a single channel through coherent beam combining (CBC). The system will rely on a signal “split-amplify-combine” architecture accommodated by: a high power space-grade optical fiber amplifier array, variable delay lines, phase modulators and an optical phase lock loop. The CBC system will demonstrate optical power scaling up to 100W.


VERTIGO aims to develop a holistic atmospheric turbulence mitigation strategy with the unique blend of:

  • Adaptive optics
  • Aperture diversity
  • Coding / interleaving algorithms
Optical and numerical mitigation will be investigated through simulations and demonstrated in lab and outdoor system experiments.
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