1 Tb/s FSO field trial in Swiss Alpes presented as post-deadline paper at ECOC 2022

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Bertold Bitachon (ETHZ) presenting the VERTIGO post-deadline paper at ECOC 2022

Bertold Bitachon (ETHZ) presented the talk titled: “Tbit/s Single Channel 53 km Free-Space Optical Transmission -Assessing the Feasibility of Optical GEO-Satellite Feeder Links” at the post-deadline session of the European Conference on Optical Communications (ECOC 2022) in Basel, Switzerland.

Paper abstract:

A 1 Tbit/s 53km single channel free-space optical (FSO) link is demonstrated. High bandwidth, high order modulation formats and advanced adaptive optics are utilized. We show that the absence of a nonlinear-Shannon limit in combination with adaptive optics enables record data-transmission with low link failures

You may download the accepted version of the manuscript from the link below: